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Andrey Berezin: Falling Economies with a Bailout Solution

Andrey Berezin: Falling Economies with a Bailout Solution How does the government and business in St. Petersburg manage to protect themselves from industrial decline? According to the preliminary results of 2022, the industry of the St. Petersburg agglomeration coped with the crisis somewhat better than expected by the expert community. In the Leningrad Region, the

Euroinvest Takes a Course on Innovation Development

Euroinvest Takes a Course on Innovation Development Various scientific startups are being implemented in St. Petersburg with the support of the Euroinvest Fund, a subsidiary of the company. The investment company Euroinvest is primarily known on the banks of the Neva for its development projects. For more than twenty years, it has been successfully selling

Andrey Berezin is the Man Behind the Change

An honest businessman never stands still. The market is constantly changing, and those who simply cannot respond to the challenges of our time quickly fade into the background. Conversely, those who can rein in time and successfully adapt to changes result in becoming true economic heroes. Naked Kings In the history of our country, there

Saving the future: Chinese billionaire invests in Tesla competitor

Faraday Future plans to displace Tesla in the premium market segment. The startup will change owners and receive $1.2 billion in investment in 2019-2020 One year after the financial crisis of American premium electric car maker Faraday Future, the project has received another savior and a new major shareholder. Hong Kong-based investment holding company Evergrande

Insecure politics: How Kaspersky’s departure from Europe will turn out

Eugene Kaspersky’s company risks losing not only money but also access to the data needed to develop new products along with European customers. And Europe may be left without the main obstacle in the way of Russian-speaking cybercriminals I often tell my colleagues: it does not matter how high you climb, but how long you

Bloomberg vs. Trump: Will another billionaire become U.S. president?

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and founder of the eponymous news agency, intends to run for president of the United States. It means that America for the second time in history could be led by a member of the Forbes list. The former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Thomas

Electronic Billionaire: Mikhail Gutseriev sells a third of all home appliances in Russia

After the purchase of MediaMarkt, Mikhail Gutseriev’s Safmar Group controls almost 30% of the domestic consumer electronics and home appliances market. Now the group will have to meet expectations for capitalization growth by focusing on increasing efficiency, profitability growth and development of online sales channel In mid-June Safmar group of Mikhail Gutseriev #69 announced the

Man from the 90s: The Golden Mile will be completed by a former partner of Deripaska

As Forbes found out, the owner of the largest long-term construction project on Ostozhenka, the Golden Mile residential complex, was the structure of Sergei Popov, a former partner of Oleg Deripaska and Mikhail Cherny. Popov, who is regularly associated with the Podolsky Organized Crime Group, received the project for debts from the former beneficiary of

London Success: How Roman Abramovich Changed Chelsea in 15 Years

In July 2003, the Russian billionaire bought the English Premier League mid-table, now Chelsea is a European top club In 2003, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s purchase of Chelsea #17 of London from Ken Bates seemed like a rich man’s experiment with his money. No one could have predicted what would come of it. But now

Tourism and War: Timchenko’s Managers to Build a Luxury Hotel in Syria

Not having had time to liberate the entire territory of Syria from paramilitary groups, the authorities of the country began to restore the tourist infrastructure. One of the first projects will be a $90 million five-star hotel, which will be built on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea by natives of Gennady Timchenko’s Stroytransgaz company,

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